Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning & Administration

At Barbor, Sottile and Darr, P.C., we can help you manage your assets, and plan for their future distribution to your intended beneficiaries. After a loved one has passed, we’ll help you administer their estate so you can rest assured that their intentions are honored and all needed steps are taken to settle their affairs.

Business & Contract Law

We handle all types of business transactions. If you’re hesitant to sign a contract or don’t understand the fine print, we’re here to help it all make sense. If you want to start a business, our firm will guide you through the process of establishing your entity and getting it up and running.

Personal Injury

We provide legal services to individuals who have been injured, either psychologically or physically, because of someone else’s carelessness or malice. Our firm will help you understand all that you need to know to take legal action. We offer our support to ensure just compensation for your personal injury.

Family Law

Family Law covers cases such as divorce, child custody, and support. Filing for divorce and reaching prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are just a few of the services we offer. We will provide our support and expertise to help you resolve your case justly, because we know that family matters.

Guardianship & Adoption

Let our knowledgeable attorneys walk your family through the process of obtaining a guardianship of an incapacitated loved one. We are also here to assist with the new addition to your family by adoption.

Elder Law

Elder Law concerns the needs the elderly and disabled, including financial planning, health care, and more. We understand that these are complex issues that require careful attention.  We aim to help you and your family members get the care they need as affordably as possible.

General Practice

Our firm is not limited to one specialty. As general practice attorneys, we are versatile and can meet a variety of legal needs. Unsure if what you’re looking for is something we can help with? Just ask!


Litigation involves taking action in court, either to cure a wrong done to you, or to defend you from a claim of wrongdoing. Our firm is here to help you take the right steps in a law suit. We will make sure you know your rights so you can pursue your case with confidence.

Real Estate

At Barbor, Sottile and Darr, P.C., we offer legal services for all kinds of real estate transactions. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing property, we are here to help. We will be there to offer guidance in settling property disputes and to let you know what you can do with the land you own.

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